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[hello new followers! guess someone dug up that old ask, eh? anywho, I’m sure you haven’t noticed, and I am guilt-ridden to point it out, but I haven’t been able to update this blog in a while. I want to start it up again (and I promise my gif technique is much better now which is a plus!) but the reason the blog has been neglected is because between school and work I just feel too pressured to make regular updates that are the quality you guys deserve. so I guess my question is, would anyone be willing and able to help me run this blog? I feel so bad about just leaving it when I know it could be great. just leave an ask if you’re interested, and regardless I hope to have a new entry up by the end of today and a new format (again!) for asks. thank you for your patience! peace, love, and calthazar]


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I didn't even know how much I wanted this blog until I found it. Thank you for this, it made my day :D

You’re very welcome! I have to say I never expected this sudden rush of notes and followers but I have to say I’m very grateful and I sincerely hope I won’t disappoint you! Peace love and Calthazar <3

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((mod here again, finals week is now over and to celebrate we now have a new theme and a new format for asks! hope they look alright, your feedback is as always most welcome!))

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so-i-made-an-account asked: Hey Balthazar, were you with Castiel when he went to pull Dean out of hell?

I was on earth. Enjoying my death.

And I was in Heaven mourning it. Is it any wonder I relished the thought of harrowing Hell?

I know. It’s all my fault. But I did it for you, Castiel.